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Starting at $300

Whether you picked them, they picked you, or you've known them your whole life, family is such a treasured gift. 

Family photos are my favorite because of the evident self expression from each family member and the cumulative love shared by all.

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"I strive to provide accessible, Professional Photography at an affordable price. I ALWAYS go above and beyond for all of my clients. No matter how big or small the job, I will make sure that expectations have not only been met, but also exceeded."

It all started with a toy camera. It was plastic, blue and film. And I loved it. Casually photographing my sister chasing butterflies while on a family trip transformed into a creative passion that grew and grew. College came and it was then I learned something important. Moments are fast and fleeting. They don’t last. However, a photo has the ability to span generations and transcend time. With that being said, we might as well capture all of your favorite memories while we can to never forget life exactly as it is. Exactly in this moment. Welcome to Kayla Koch Photo. I cannot wait to meet you and capture your timeless & most treasured life moments.


Select your service and let me know if you have a location in mind. I'd love to offer any advice and guidance!


It's photoshoot day! We'll meet at our designated location for our photo session. Bring your smiles and maybe some water.


Sit back and relax. Turn around times may vary by project, but I strive to return galleries in 1-2 weeks during non-peak season and 2-3 weeks during peak season.


Your photos will be returned via a custom, password protected gallery. Need prints? Want a mug with your favorite photo on the front? All can be ordered here.

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